Three nails, some wood, and a hammer

A Christian conversion story and the power of the Holy Spirit:

I knew a man who had received the baptismal bath at birth.

He confessed his little sins and received Christ in his youth.

He confirmed his vows to follow God in his teenage years.

Then he went astray.

He got into fast money, promiscuous women, and new age ideas.

He stole.

His life spiraled down – quickly.

He went to jail.

He served 425 days in state prison.

He suffered the degradation of prison conditions.

He was stripped of clothes as guards searched and humiliated him.

His toes and feet festered with fungus from walking on the filthy prison floor.

His body grew weak with hunger, sleeplessness, and dread.

Day and night, he witnessed rapes, killings, drug abuse and corruption from guards.

He was spat on, laughed at, cursed, and robbed.

He remained in a concrete depressed building with no chance to breathe the open air, feel the heat of the sun, or enjoy a stray breeze.

The rest of his former life crumbled.

His comrades turned their backs on him.

Family members shrugged their shoulders, pointing their fingers at the spectacle they believed was due penance for his sins.

His driver’s license – revoked.

His bank account – seized.

His job – lost.

His car – repossessed.

His house – sold.

All his belongings dwindled to a small bundle stuffed in a 3×3 storage container.

Then God sent this man a gift in the form of a question:  “Will you give your life to Me?”

Some say most people will always choose God in desperation. 

But that’s not true.

How many of us are suffering the consequences of sin?  And how many run after God for relief? – So few.

But this man answered God’s question.

He opened his heart to the reception of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit brought with Him a tool box equipped with three nails, a hammer, and some wood.

He nailed the man to the cross of obedience, discipline, and repentance.

In 425 days, this man converted.

Gone were the angry outbursts and nasty disposition.

Gone were the lies and foolish talk from his former life.

Gone were the laziness and slackness in prayer and fasting.

Gone was the arrogance.

Gone was the lack of sorrow for his crimes.

The Holy Spirit worked his conversion so diligently that by the end, this man did not care to be released or not.

He did not care to see the sun.

His fears of dying were gone.

He found refuge in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and reveled in Him.

Humbly and quietly, he did his time.

He accepted his fate.

He was silenced at the revelation of the weight of his crimes against God.

He repented for all the hurt he caused others.

He vowed to pay back what he took.

He vowed to work for his own bread and to share with others.

Those who could not see the inward conversion only saw his outward death.

His former life crumbled.

The negative influences were all washed away.

He had little material things.

This man finally received what he needed– absolute peace in God.



  1. Conversion involves death.

 When Christ died in His flesh, it was not the end but the beginning.  He modeled for us that we cannot walk the road of righteousness in the life of sin.  We must die to sin in order to live anew.  

2. It is not easy to convert.  

The real work is done in darkness by the Holy Spirit through our faith and perseverance.

3. We who are sinners should convert our hearts to God and never look back.

Copyright 2020 Michelle St. Claire.

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