The color of Love

…I looked at Him but He looked away as we strolled along the little park, that little strip of public grass rolling for several miles, winding through the regular houses and their regular yards; and I asked Him again but He closed His eyes this time as if savoring the warm afternoon breeze that suddenly blew between us, but I could not wait and I would not tolerate another diversion, for time was of the essence and the amber sun was about to set and I needed to know right here, right now whether it was true or not, and so I asked Him a third time and He opened His eyes, then stopped walking and looked at the fading amber light, then turned and looked at me, into my eyes, through my soul because He knew what was there and had seen all facets of my spirit, even those I had tried to hide or explain away, but He did not make me wait any longer than I already had, for He put His hands on my shoulders, He leaned in, and kissed me on the forehead and whispered His affirmation, that He had loved me then and still loved me now and was certain He would love me tomorrow.

Copyright 2020.  All Rights Reserved.  Michelle St. Claire

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