JesusRhyme: “I dropped the mic”


These fools think the One and Only’s just thin and weak.

I hear ‘em sayin’ Mighty-Mighty’s just small and fadin’.

They think I’m down – still layin’ in the crusty ground.

They think I’m sleepin’ – eyes closed – all the women weepin’.

Them unbelievers haven’t seen the very last of Me!

Yo, I stay tight – countin’ down to eternity.

I got plans even Adam can’t understand.

Can’t wait to come back and let ‘em see Me stand.

My word puts ’em in a trance – yo, I make ‘em quiet.

That joker got no chance – go ahead and try it!

With My breath, he’ll be fallin’ down to meet his death.

His mouth open – no sound – like a foolish clown.

One in Three – that’s how I roll in the space above.

Straight smilin’ – never stressin’ – just hugs and love.

Yo, I heal pain like no doctor can ever do.

I lay Hands – just once – give ’em life anew.

You ain’t gotta wait ’til its late just to see the gates.

Just keep floatin’ in My love – man, that’s all it takes.

I’m the One that was livin’ – died – and still livin’.

Every day – all I do – give love – yo, I’m still givin’.

Cuz heav’n’s locked and only I got the Master key.

So stay locked in My love – Yo, I’ll set you free.

Stay locked in My love, kid – I’ll set you free.


Copyright 2020. Michelle St. Claire. All Rights Reserved.

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11 months ago

Cool rap