Shadowman’s War – [Poem]

shadwoman's war


Deep in the confines of the netherworld

Beyond the pit of hell

 Shadowman threatens war to unfurl

Shaking his fist towards blue heavens’ swell


He gathers military might

Bands of demons who are more than willing

He urges them to strike tonight

Arms them with horrendous tools for killing


They fly out of Hades and swarm the air

Like demented bees filled with poisonous honey

They peck, slash, squeeze and crash without care

They sow dissent, hatred, lust for money


They bring death and wage chaotic bedlam

They beckon weak fools to follow their ways

They exploit diseased and vulnerable lambs

Turn them into wolves and headless dragons that slay


It is true, Shadowman fights in a defeated war

He forgets his permanent end was once foretold

He is blinded by his beliefs in foolish lore

For one day, his tongue will be slashed and his blood will run cold


There is only one Omega and only He can bring the End

Shadowman is a liar, a thief, a begger and a bully

The collective foot of the Trinity will stomp on his head

For the Omega is the only One that can destroy him fully


Rebuke Shadowman’s whispers where you hear them spoken

Ignore his taunts, his calls, his threats, his deadly recruitment

Take hold of your faith and cling to Christ as Love’s token

For in Shadowman’s death, all who loved him will eternally lament


Copyright 2017 Michelle St. Claire  All Rights Reserved.