Holy Spirit

The Source of wisdom,

the Teacher of truth,

the creative arm of God,

the third Person of the Blessed Trinity,

the One Who brought about the impossible,

the palpable Love between a Father and His Son,

a part of the sweat of Jesus’ brow during His prayer of passion,

enveloped in a robe of crushed crimson as deep as a Lover’s heart,

imbued with all of eternity, the past, the present, the future that only He can see,

symbolized as a purified dove that came down from heaven, fluttered out from between the heavenly gate as it snapped closed and landed on a tree in the middle of Adam’s yard, lost in Adam’s world, streaking Adam’s sky with grace Adam sometimes ignores, humming the hymn of the Trinity which Adam sometimes tunes out,


All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2020. Michelle St. Claire