House of prayer – [actual Jesusdream on prayer]

power of prayer


Prayer is a house.

It is a spiritual house – Invisible to the human eye yet visible to the spiritual senses.

I remain in my mother’s house – I saw it.

Her house is a mansion of sorts – Magnificent and majestic.  High walls.  Ornate designs.  Polished floors.  

It is perfectly furnished and generously stocked – It is designed for me to stay.

When I walk about her house, I see big beautiful rooms that others are occupying – My siblings, my mother’s grandchildren, even Aunt Chantal.

Devils stand outside of my mother’s house and glare at it – They bare their teeth and expose themselves in rude and disgusting ways.

When I look out of a window – I see my own house.

It is a house that I created – Smaller…but just as nice.

I can see that my own house has many rooms, too – One room for each person I have prayed for.

These people remain in my little house, just as I remain in my mother’s – It feels like a strange chain of possessive love.

Then I return to my room and sit, then lay down on my soft bed – I close my eyes and truly rest with an overwhelming sense of security.