The Love Principle

The Love Principle.

Christ was a living sacrifice.  No, He is a living sacrifice, the symbol of both man’s salvation and of man’s violent shame.  He is a King of a hidden Kingdom.

Man knows royalty, the human kind of royalty, that is, the rosy flush of the blue-blood cheek with loyal lips pressed against, the gentle snap of regal fingers summoning the help, the imagined air of predominance, the euphoria of praise from the common man who vigorously claps when the king passes by, the common man’s heart pumping with the pretense of adulation and of fear.

Man knows the king’s taxes.  He knows the king’s enforced brutality of enforcement.  He knows the king’s tiered classes which leave the unfortunate to make their bed beneath the table of the less-fortunate, their mouths open wide, gaping like hungry chicks begging for scraps to fall from the less-fortunate’s plate.

Man knows the king’s impassioned nationalism, the kind that is always skewed, distorted, reflecting a dream of success that swims chiefly in the mind of the royal, where if one only worked hard enough and smiled more and believed deeper and saluted the right people and lived over here rather than over there and spoke the right words and consisted of the right stock, the right breeding, the right DNA and possessed the right desires and degrees and determination, than anyone could ‘make it.’

Man knows the king’s wars, the king’s poverty, the king’s lies, the king’s corruption, the common man’s constant captivation with the royal garb, watching the king, waiting for the king, hoping the king would grant the common man a bigger slice of the pie.

Man knows the king’s….

But Christ is the true King.  He is of a royalty beyond man’s cognition and recognition.  There are no taxes in Christ’s heaven.  There is no war.  There exists no tiered dissemination of benefits to the masses.  In fact, there are no masses at all.  No classes.  No groups.  No dividing lines.

In Christ’s Kingdom, the currency is His Love.  It is the objective principle of every one of Christ’s proclamations.  It is a Love that was proven.  After all, it was stapled to the cross while alive, bleeding, perspiring, gasping for pure air, thirsting for perfected water.

The Love Principle.  An ecstasy of a sort, concrete, real, raw, earth-shattering.

Christ is the true royal Lover, one Who cleans wounds of the abused, Who mends the broken-hearted, and Who forgives, forgives, forgives the penitent. 

Christ’s Love is enfolded within the sleeve of eternity, for it is outside of time and space.  Perhaps that is why His Love never changes, patiently waiting for man to turn to Him again and again, showering the poor of heart with favor and spiritual blessing.

The Love Principle guides His plan and His many sub-plans of which are numbered greater than the sands of the seashore. 

Christ, the Chess Player, the One who knows all the alternative moves man could ever make.  But unlike a human king who stands by while the common man injures himself as he clashes against the societal barriers, Christ the King helps man up, for He is a King on man’s side, always caring, always calling, always guiding man along the many roads in life.

His Love is His scepter.  It is the Law, the Constitution if you will, the Royal Decree.  It is the standard by which man and man’s manifestations are judged by.  All come under the radiant eye of His Love, man’s relationships with others, man’s creations, man’s utterances, man’s intentions and divine worships, if any.

Christ’s Love encompasses the whole of the world.  It is multifaceted like the splendor of the morning sun beaming through a colorful kaleidoscope.  In one facet, man finds the beauty of His Love reflected in nature, the flowers, the bugs, the ripple of wind upon a river.  In another facet, man finds the joy of His Love reflected in a toddler’s giggle.  In yet another, man finds the seriousness of His Love heard in the clink of handcuffs wrapped around the wrists of the wayward.  In another, man tastes the sweetness of His Love in the sweetest of baked treats baked by skilled hands.  In another, man finds His Love reflected in the loyalty of a healthy marriage or perhaps the strike of sweet summer sun against one’s face.

His Love is magical, better than the stuff of science fiction.  For unlike the human king who addresses the individual common man by the stoic number issued to him at birth, Christ the King knows man’s name, his essence, his spirit and soul, his sighs and wanderings, his origin and pre-origin before time began.

The human king must send for his henchman to swarm the common man’s humble home and demand loyalty, while Christ the King merely whispers into the hidden crevices of man’s consciousness, softly commanding attention, gently persuading him to hear, to listen, to obey, to love, to learn.

The human king knows not the day after tomorrow and barely remembers the night before.  But Christ needs no library nor historians or advisors of unknown contingencies.  Christ knows all, pacing calmy in heaven as time ticks by, serenely marking the hidden markers which lead to the next phase of His plan and sub-plans, the end of the age of man, the last gasp of Satan, the opening of God’s judgment book.

Christ’s Love is perfected in Him alone. 

It’s in His Name, regardless of the language, dialect, translation, or accented lips His Name may tumble from.  Uttering the name of Jesus unleashes a beam of power that creation cannot overcome.  Perhaps it is why man’s prayer is effective, linking him directly to His Love like an unbroken chain, like an umbilical cord.

The Love Principle.  It is not an imagined utopia, but it is here, right now, bursting through the air, bouncing light against the stars, building up Christ’s Kingdom man by man, soul by soul, spirit by spirit.

Christ’s Love is reflected in the upturned adult face contemplating the living Lamb dying on a cross.  It is reflected in the young teenaged soul choosing to walk in His light rather than in the darkness of the world.  It is reflected in the elderly soul, unfazed by the opulence of the human king but rather awed by the glory of the true King of Love.

The Love Principle.  It is worth living for, dying for, and worshipping.  It is more valuable than life itself, for before God made life, His Love existed, glancing at the formless void with curiosity and creative wonder.

-Michelle St. Claire

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