jesusrhyme – [Rap]


Check it-

It was the power of My Spirit that made you hear it

The dark of the Mark that flipped your heart


It was the cool of My Touch that cleaned you up

Made you spiffy and new like the morning dew


I told you Love was the one that did the work

Scrubbing off the grime that polluted mankind


You came to Me for the help and I did it

Gave you more than you needed and then you succeeded


That’s the Love of a Savior with great renown

The care of a Soul making you whole


No one can snatch you from My side and tear you down

I’ll fight to My death to give you new breath


Cause in the fullness of time, I’ll take what’s Mine

Slay the wicked with a Word that he never heard


I’ll send him back to the hell that made him fell

-Pin him down like a clown with no more hope

-Make him choke on the dope that he sold cloaked


Then all my C’s will break free and come unto Me

Singing songs, living long, free as can be

We’ll be swaying to the breeze of eternity

Forever dancin’ to the rhythm of My melody


For the sweetness of My Love will be your treat

You’ll be shining like the chrome on a busy street


And My throne will be full of Love of Three

Father and Spirit and the Holy Me


Cause My bloody hour was the power that made it be

Keep it clean – keep it tight – just trust in Me


I won’t leave you in the dark to be alone

Be bold – keep the hold – I’ll take you home


I won’t leave you in the dark to be alone

Be bold – keep the hold – I’ll take you home