Girl, I need to be erased.

You heard me?

Jesus in me is erasure of me.

You know what I’m sayin’?

Erase my ways, Lord – I don’t need it.

Yup, that’s what I told Him.

I said, Lord

remove all that fear,

blackout all that entitlement,

redact all that laziness.

‘Cause girl, I’m a mess!

Somebody told me I can have it both ways.

Girl, they said I don’t even need to change.

Preacher said just be you and that’s enough.

Is it?

You know, Abraham was himself ‘til Thunder spoke.

Mary was herself ‘til Heaven visited.

Girl, Jonah was himself ‘til he finally surrendered.

As a matter of fact,

my own mother was her young self

‘til she took that cab

driven by a man-child

and later became his wife.

Girl, so this is what I said.

I said

Holy Spirit,

take my I,

take my will,

take my my.

I told Him

Erase my ways and fill me with Yours.

Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. Michelle St. Claire